Call for papers

The first call for papers: 10 April 2013.
The second call: August 2013.
Deadline for submissions: 10 October 2013.

In accordance with aims and objectives as a Study Group of the ICTM this biennial symposium is dedicated to two selected themes, which form the focus of presentations and discussions.

The Program Committee expects proposals to address issues that arise directly from the themes. All proposals should be based on substantial fieldwork, experience, and/or textual consideration. It is expected that individual papers and panels will present new insights.

Proposals for presentations that were previously given or have appeared in print, or in other formats, will not be considered.

English is the official language of the Symposium.

The Program Committee reserves the right to accept those proposals that, in their opinion, fit best into the scheme of the symposium, and that can be accommodated within the time frame of the symposium.



1. Dance and Narratives Narratives are connected to dance in various contexts, past and present. Sometimes they appear as constituent elements of human expressive complexes (music, movements, gestures, drama, play, and so on) and are positioned within different hierarchical structures (equal or subordinated to each other). Other times narratives occur in the discourses of socio-cultural… Continue reading »

Presentation formats

You may present once only during the symposium. If members have any questions about the suitability of a proposal, please contact the Program Chair and ask for assistance. Colleagues are advised to bring alternative modes of presentation delivery if using PowerPoint, DVD, and so on, in case of unexpected technical failure on the day of… Continue reading »

Submission form

Submission Form  (deadline was 10 October 2013) There were two options – by email or online. Name of submitter: Institutional affiliation: Mailing address: Phone/Fax number: E-mail address: Confirm if a current member of the ICTM? (Note: only abstracts from members will be considered.) Type of presentation (please identify): Individual presentation.  Theme 1     or     Theme 2 Media… Continue reading »


Registration fee € 93: The Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research (IEF) in Zagreb as the academic host for the 28th Symposium welcomes all to Croatia with a reminder  that a research presentation is not required for attendance at the 2014 meeting, but to participate in the meeting and its events, the registration fee must… Continue reading »

ICTM / Study Group membership

The Program Committee only considers proposals whose authors are current members of the ICTM in good standing for 2013,  2014. ICTM membership applications are available at the ICTM website <> For membership questions, contact the ICTM Secretariat <> or write to ICTM Secretariat, International Council for Traditional Music; Department of Musicology, Faculty of Arts, University of… Continue reading »


Participants (friends and families) will make their own hotel reservations. The symposium meetings and mid-day meal will be based in Hotel Marko Polo. Three hotels are offered at discount rates. The prices (in Euros, all VAT and taxes included) are per person per night with two meals (breakfast and mid-day meal). Hotel Marko Polo (****), Hotel Liburna (***), Hotel… Continue reading »


Additional information