Registration fee € 93:

The Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research (IEF) in Zagreb as the academic host for the 28th Symposium welcomes all to Croatia with a reminder  that a research presentation is not required for attendance at the 2014 meeting, but to participate in the meeting and its events, the registration fee must be paid.
The fee covers opening reception, abstract and program booklet, one Moreška performance (July 7), walking tour of the historic city with museum visits, Kumpanija sword dance performance and dinner event in Pupnat village, dance workshops to learn Korčula’s dances, selected excursions, and miscellaneous organizational needs.
There are two options: 1) to IEF with an IBAN bank payment in Euros, or 2) at registration in Korčula with payment in HRK (Croatian Kuna).

Option 1. Bank payment of  Euros by IBAN account:

NOTE: The Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research does not bear the cost of the bank transaction fee.

Option 2. Payment in HRK (Croatian Kuna) on Korčula
At the Symposium, payment can be accepted only in Croatian Kuna.

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