Dubrovnik villages

Return bus trip from Korčula to Dubrovnik July 18 (to Dubrovnik bus terminal). There will be  stops to see Ston with its 14th century “great walls”, salt flats and oyster-mussel farming, followed by a visit and feast in a Dubrovnik-area village featuring participant lindjo dancing accompanied by a lijerica musician.

Lindjo (also as Linđo)

In the villages of the Dubrovnik area, a couple dance known as “kolo” or “poskočica” during the turn of the twentieth century began to be popularly accompanied with the lijerica, a three-string, bowed instrument. The musician’s nickname in the local dialect was linđo. The lijerica (alias linđo) musicians played for a multi-figured dance, that was led by a caller, who… Continue reading »

Post-symposium excursion July 18

The post-symposium excursion goes to Dubrovnik’s northwest area to Mrčevo, one of the “upper villages”. Five years ago (2009), an association in the “upper villages” was being formed by persons with some memory and knowledge of village wedding customs. Due to the destructive 1990s war in this area, followed by a lengthy reconstruction period, a whole… Continue reading »


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