Lindjo (also as Linđo)

In the villages of the Dubrovnik area, a couple dance known as “kolo” or “poskočica” during the turn of the twentieth century began to be popularly accompanied with the lijerica, a three-string, bowed instrument. The musician’s nickname in the local dialect was linđo. The lijerica (alias linđo) musicians played for a multi-figured dance, that was led by a caller, who called out to the musicianto begin to play for the dancing (sviraj linđo!!). This leader-led dance became known as the “lindjo dance”. Another major influence for the name that is associated with the city of Dubrovnik is the city’s Linđo Folklore Ensemble formed in 1964, and which has performed their version of Lindjo for millions of tourists. The choreographed version is originally based on the “lindjo” dancing style from the mountain-side villages, northwest of Dubrovnik.

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