Sword dance programs

There are two types of sword dances on the island of Korčula.

One of these is Moreška, a double-sword battle dance between two armies to liberate a “bula” female. This clashing sword dance/drama is performed only in the town of Korčula and is accompanied by a brass band. The opening of the symposium on July 7 includes a performance of Moreška.

In addition to Korčula town, there are six villages on Korčula island with single-sword dance groups (Žrnovo, Pupnat, Čara, Smokvica, Blato, and Vela Luka). The single swords (17th century vintage) are held between the men as they perform linked formations, accompanied  by a bagpipe and drum. Within the symposium schedule, there are excursions to observe kumpanjija sword dances in Smokvica, Pupnat, and Blato villages.

Smokvica Village

One of the five oldest villages that features a centuries-long continuity of the single-sword kumpanjija dances is accompanied by bagpipe and drum. As are the other four oldest villages with sword dance groups, Smokvica village is located within the interior hills of the island, not visible from the sea.  On the western side of Korčula island the village economy is based on wine… Continue reading »

Lastovo island

A full-day excursion is to neighboring Lastovo island – July 12 (Saturday).  The trip includes bus travel across the length of Korčula island to the port of Vela Luka, two-hour travel by ship to Lastovo island where we will continue by bus to view historical features of this island that was under centuries of Dubrovnik… Continue reading »

Pupnat village

During the symposium week,  there will be an excursion to observe the kumpanija sword dance in the village of Pupnat. More information is pending.


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